Italian language and culture course for foreigners

The Italian language and culture course for foreigners aims to develop the four language skills of comprehension and written/oral production, through representative examples of arts, cuisine and Italian literature.

During the first day of the course, students will take a placement test in order to check the level of language knowledge. Each student will be assigned to a specific group according of his level. During the training course, students will take further tests in order to monitor the different stages of learning.
At the end of the course, students will take a final exam for the international certification at the Office of Certification of Italian as foreign language at the University of Rome Roma 3 (Certification body of Italian language recognized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education, University and Research) to certify the level of the language knowledge achieved. For more information please kindly consult the following website: http://www.certificazioneitaliano.uniroma3.it/. The final exam fee for the Certification is included in the course costs.

The full course costs 1.000 euro.

Course duration and organization

The course is 5 weeks long and it includes 100 hours of lessons, divided into: 5 lessons per week, each of 4 hours, to be taken at school. To conduct the foreign language lessons. The lab has all the interactive and digital functions suitable for the language teaching and learning and lessons will be held by Prof.ssa Sabrina Aulitto.


Guided tours

Guided tours will be paid on the spot and they will be carried out on request, in collaboration with Bici&Baci (web site).



The Institute offers the opportunity to stay in affiliated hotels. Who is interested should communicate it in advance in order to book the accommodation.


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